Topic of the Week

Learn Something New Every Week!

We have put together weekly classes that address a specific topic.

Have you started to get back aches as a result of picking up your baby or toddler incorrectly? Quite a few mums experience this when their baby approaches about 15 lbs! This class would help you to begin to alleviate pains you are experiencing (however always consult with your GP on treatment!) and to be proactive in ensuring back pain doesn’t find you will on maternity leave.

Have you wondered what you would do if your baby started choking (not gagging) when they start to be weaned? Depending on which stage they are in during their first year, there are different actions your baby may do that you need to be aware of. The classes on first aid focus on each stage and what you should do should your baby need your help.

Or how to keep calm when your baby has been crying non-stop for the last 2 hours? One technique for helping to keep your senses in tack is through mindfulness. The class focuses on giving you tools that allow you to respond to your child, rather than react to them.

Here are a few of the topics we are in the process of scheduling:

Other example topics we are including are: understanding pensions, will-writing, investing, stylish clothes for the breastfeeding mum, stylish hairstyles created in 5 minutes, developmental stages of babies and toddlers, and weaning (traditional, baby-led and mixed). If you want to know when the Topic of the Week you are interested in will be available, please register your interest by contacting me.