Language & Culture

Fit in Better with the Locals!

These language and culture courses are held over 6 weeks, covering the topics that would help you when you travel. You learn how to speak and listen in the language. You also learn about cultural customs (i.e. in England you drive on the right but walk wherever you want on the pavement and stairwells, while in North America you drive on the left and walk on the left on the sidewalk and stairwells) so you can fit in better with the locals!

The courses include:

  • Mandarin and China;
  • Spanish and Spain; and
  • Hindi and India.

Each week will cover:

  • Week 1: Arriving in the Country – Greetings
  • Week 2: Asking for Directions
  • Week 3: Asking for Recommendations
  • Week 4: Understand a Menu
  • Week 5: Safety and help
  • Week 6: Do’s & Don’ts

Register your interest for Mandarin and China, Spanish and Spain, and Hindi and India by contacting us.