The classes we will be offering are:

All classes will be held at 40 Degreez which is situated in between the Farnham Leisure Centre and a car park (which currently charges £0.70 for the first 2 hours). Classes will start in the afternoon, beginning at 12pm on Fridays. This gives you the opportunity to spend time catching up with other mums in the morning baby classes you attend, grab a lunch or do some errands in town, before coming to a Mums and Bubs class. The classes last 45 minutes and have a 15 minute break in between classes, giving you a chance to have a small cup of tea or coffee, while having a chat with other mums who share the same interest as you in the class! While attending a Mums and Bubs class, your baby will be able to sleep by your side in their pram, or they may be held by you if they are awake. They may even be playing with toys in an area surrounded by couches with other babies and toddlers, under your supervision! Please feel free to feed them when they want it, either at your seat or you can move to the comfortable couches for additional support.


Classes cost £12 per session, however if you bring in a household good to donate to the local food bank, you will receive a £2 credit towards the next class you book. Walk-in rate is £14 and a credit of £2 towards the next class you take can be obtained if you bring in a donation for the local food bank. Receive 75% off standard price of first class you attend.  There are no membership fees, monthly or term contracts, and no notice periods!

  Cost w/ Donation Credit*
Standard £12 £10
Walk-in £14 £12
* Received from donation in previous class attended

You will be able to book online using Paypal or transfer money online if paying in advance (please send email with name and date of payment). Please pay cash on the day of the class. If attending as a walk-in, please check online prior to attending class to ensure there is space (or contact me to see if there is space).


If you think you might be a great fit for leading a discussion on a particular topic, please contact me with your details to see if we can work something out!